DMCA Report and Privacy

DMCA Report

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
If the violation of your copyright, please inform us, we will remove complete game within 24 hours.
Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Android Game and other apps, then you may contact us at

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    • Open says:

      ^yep. Google puts ZERO pressure on coyrgipht holders to actually make the effort of making sure they are filing legit coyrgipht claims. To quote Google above:”Since Content ID can’t identify context (like “educational use” or “parody”), we give partners the tools to use length and match proportion as a proxy.”What is the minimum length? Maybe google should put into place minimums for fair use, such as saying video clips need to be over 5 minutes, or audio needs to be over 1 min to even be eligible for Content ID. Less than that and the rights holder should have to file a claim for the video after they’ve watched it.Also, what penalties are there for coyrgipht holders when they flag content that is clearly parody or educational? Users get their account flagged for uploading coyrgiphted material, so maybe rights holders should get their Content ID rights suspended and force them to file paper (or e-mail) claims for each and every video, which forces them to look at the videos first.Youtube in general has been heading downhill with all the changes they’ve made to appease their paying sponsors and coyrgipht holders. We can’t even see if a video is rated highly before we watch it now, which is clearly a benefit to crappy advertising or ‘partner’ videos that get spammed out every day with no content worth watching.

  1. Anonymous says:


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