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Family Guy Game: BETA - screenshot thumbnailFamily Guy Game: BETA - screenshot thumbnailFamily Guy Game: BETA - screenshot thumbnail

PLEASE NOTE: This game is currently in limited beta and only available within a few countries. If you are unable to download or launch the game this is because you are outside of the beta testing region. To learn when the game launches worldwide, head to
2014-03-01 UPDATE: We’ve received feedback from Galaxy S2 owners of a crash bug on this platform. We have identified the problem and will be providing an update shortly. Thank you for supporting the beta and keep sending your feedback to:
Introducing the BETA version of the upcoming Family Guy game!
Game features:
• It’s Free! Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet!
• Create a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants
• Send your characters on ridiculous adventures
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter
• Over a hundred brand new and classic animations
• Please remember to play responsibly when taking a dump
This game offers in-app purchases, which may be disabled through your device settings.
NOTE: While this game is very near completion, please keep in mind that this is an open beta! We appreciate your help in making this game the best it can be, and welcome your feedback. Please send all feedback and/or questions to Thank you!
PS: Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Family Guy on Sundays at 9/8c, only on FOX!

This game has NO advertisements

Limited access has been removed.


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Cut the Rope 2 - screenshot thumbnailvCut the Rope 2 - screenshot thumbnailCut the Rope 2 - screenshot thumbnail
Cut the Rope 2 come to Android with new characters, fresh gameplay elements, and, of course, Om Nom, collecting candy has never been so fun! ZeptoLab, the company behind the title om nom bring great puzzles with more characters best one yet. It has been over three months since ZeptoLab released Cut the Rope 2 on iOs and now you can play on your Android devices.
What’s new in Cut the Rope 2? This game now supports high resolution for an optimal gaming experience on both phones and tablets. The game brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the candy-crunching, physics-based phenomenon that has delighted millions of players around the world! If you like Cut the Rope, you’ll love Cut the Rope 2. Recommand this game to everyone who played all previously Cut The Rope games .
Let’s play and meet Om Nom’s new friends, the Nommies!
- Toss can throw objects, Including candy
- Roto can carry Om Nom to the best candy-catching locations
- Boo can scare Om Nom to jump to new heights
- Lick can the make small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reach his goal
- Blue can lift Om Nom candy to new levels of fun hunting


This game’s story is defending enemy coming from black gate.
Red and yellow larva this game’s main character had been lived in the sewer of New York City. But suddenly they were anger about enemy’s attack. The reason is that larva’s favorite sausage had been stolen to enemy finding new energy resource. You can select red and yellow larva hero character and summon hero friends. Please eat sausage falling to defend attack of enemy.
The game story based on ‘ Lavengers episode Season-21‘
Now! Let’s guard New York City from enemy
◆ You can choose the favorite hero character ◆
1. Yellow 2. Red 3. Super Yellow
★★Update Hero Character(2014.3)★★
4. Wizard Brown 5. Black Night 6. Rainbow Warrior
◆ You can buy Hero Friends 10 character fighting with Hero ◆
Yellow /Red,/ Super yellow / Mask red / Cyborg red /Steel red /Viking red / Ninja red /
Kung-fu red / Zorro red

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.1.3



Sling It! (Pollushot 2) v1.0.29 APK

Posted: March 11, 2013 in FUN
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the future, Pollutnik robots have blotted out the sun and created an eternal winter. That’s where you come in; with your trusty sling-ship, you can catch shattered pieces of enemy robots and use them as ammo!
This sequel to the classic Pollushot features even more robots, shots and levels than the original. Now with powerups! Catch wrenches to restore health and make the game last forever… or power up your shots with crazy abilities!

  • Intense arcade action!
  • Simple one or two touch controls; easy to learn
  • Customize your ship and unlock cool upgrades!
  • CROSS-PLATFORM online leaderboards for competitive play!
  • Over 40 achievements to achieve

Required Android O/S : 2.1+



The epic adventure continues as our band of stretchy heroes explore the underwater Wild West, fight back against the evil Black Ooze, and search for Winnick, their fallen comrade.
If you don’t know SQUIDS yet, SQUIDS Wild West is a great place to start! 

SQUIDS Wild West has a unique mix of action strategy and RPG: build your team of heroes for challenging turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimp! This sequel is even better than the original, with many surprises in store: devious new enemies, four new playable characters, and nearly twice as many levels. You can even ride seahorses into battle!


  • Brand new chapter in the funny and exciting SQUIDS saga
  • Unique mix of turn-based tactics and classic RPG elements
  • An epic adventure: hours of gameplay with varied missions and boss battles
  • Simple controls: grab Squids by the tentacles, then fling them across the battlefield
  • Four character classes with different abilities: shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers
  • Recruit your own Squid army among 12+ playable characters
  • Equip your Squids with special ability-boosting helmets

SQUIDS Wild West is localized in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Instructions :

  • Install APK
  • Copy ‘com.thegamebakers.squidsww_pHD’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’
  • Launch the Game

Oscura Armv6 v2.0 APK+Data Files

Posted: March 5, 2013 in FUN
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Key Features: -2D platform game beautifully rendered in a stylized 3D aesthetic -Dramatic, gothic atmosphere featuring a variety of challenges and enemies

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and Up

Pettson’s Inventions v1.4 APK

Posted: November 6, 2012 in FUN, PUZZLE
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You need to figure out which ones of the objects should be included and where to put them in the machinery. Drag and drop the objects to their right spot and watch the invention start. For every invention finished there will be a reward of a cogwheel.

When you have finished all the inventions a special invention will be unlocked where you will help Findus fly out to space! Pettson’s Inventions is a pedagogic app that practices logic and stimulates creativity for preschoolers.

  • All-in-all there are 27 inventions, some easier, some a bit harder!
  • Choose to play with or without fake objects to adjust the difficulty level
  • Choose whether Pettson and Findus should speak English, Swedish or German

Required Android O/S : 3.2+

or scan the qr code

Sticky Linky APK v1.0

Posted: November 5, 2012 in FUN, PUZZLE
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Sticky Linky APK v1.0

It’s time to test your wits! Sticky Linky break all stereotypes of what should be a simple puzzle, and gives all fans of the genre a new, incredible experience! Check yourself, try to achieve the best result in this fun, exciting and simply fascinating game!
Gather five or more balls in a sticky fun a face, and faces the same color – a huge head! Just typing the desired number of goals, you can go to the next level. Keep an eye out for this huge, colorful and sticky mass, think strategically melds – and enjoy a fun and intriguing game Sticky Linky! You will find a huge variety of levels, two modes of transmission and fun!
Key features:
◇ 78 challenging levels of interest ◇ 2 game types – Classic and Zen
◇ 5 unique colorful characters! ◇ select your device to play with!
Download Link: (Armv6 and 7) DataFileHost:

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Twist n’ Catch v1.0.7 APK

Posted: November 4, 2012 in FUN, PUZZLE
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Twist n’Catch is a Puzzle/Dexterity game in which you will play the role of explorer Emmet Black, to travel and discover exotic places and bring back treasures he uncovers on his way!
Held by Sergeant Cookie, your faithful companion, you will have to find the best way, hanging in the air by a rope and foil many obstacles and traps to collect diamonds and sapphires. LOOK OUT, IT’S GONNA TWIST!
Twist n’Catch is :

  • An action puzzle game
  • More than 120 level to solve
  • 3 universes to explore
  • Attractive visuals
  • Fun and addictive

What’s in this version : (Updated : Oct 25, 2012)

  • minor bug fixes
  • Giftiz integration
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+
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They Need To Be Fed v2.2.8 APK

Posted: October 29, 2012 in FUN, PUZZLE
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What’s in this version : (Updated : Mar 2, 2012)

  • Thank you all for your quick responses on the permissions issue.
  • As you might expect this was not an intentional addition to TNTBF and has now been amended.
  • We should now only ask you for:
  • Please note that the addition of INTERNET is simply a by-product of features which enable us to do things like in-app content updates.
  • Thanks again and our apologies for any alarm caused :)
  • The YoYo Team

YoYo Games brings you it’s first expansion to the fantastic They Need To Be Fed!

  • Bounce, Pop, Navigate and Gravitate through 4 new worlds!
  • 32 New levels to master!
  • 11 New Achievements to unlock!
  • Over 100 New Diamonds to collect!


  • Now on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia™ Play!
  • Optimized for both Android Handsets and Tablets!
  • 11 worlds to explore
  • 360° gravity gameplay
  • Over 80 levels to complete
  • Over 200 Diamonds to collect
  • 36 achievements to unlock
  • Super slick visuals
  • Fantastic soundtrack by Jake Almond

What’s in this version: (Updated : Oct 10, 2012)

  • Fixed an issue which caused Simply Solitaire to ask for permissions that it did not use.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+